Hawkes Bay Rental Appraisals

Free Hawkes Bay Rental Appraisals & Property Inspections

In many cases we can supply rental property appraisals without on-site inspections. This is especially useful if your property is currently tenanted. However, if you’re planning on securing finance we may need to visit the property for an on-site inspection. This can be done by arranging access for us, or providing the contact details of someone who can give us approximately 15 minutes access to the property.

Created by local Rental Property Experts

At WhatsMyRent.co.nz we don’t prepare our reports with cookie cutters. Your rental appraisal will be hand- generated and personalised by a local professional rental property specialist. It will provide valuable insights into your property’s actual rental value in the current market, so you can maximise the return on your investment.

Who is WhatsMyRent.co.nz for?

WhatsMyRent.co.nz is the best way to ascertain the right level of rent for your property if:

• You’d like to purchase a property to rent out as an investment.
• You already own a rental property but want to be sure the rent is set right.
• You’re looking to purchase a rental property and need an appraisal to secure finance.
• You’re looking at renting out your own home in order to purchase or build another property.
• You live outside Hawke’s Bay and are looking at a long-term rental property to one day live in yourself.
• You’re wanting to rent out your property while located in another part of New Zealand or overseas.
• You need to deal with a property within a deceased estate or your parents need to go into rest-home care.

How Much Rent can I get?

WhatsMyRent.co.nz are property management specialists operating throughout Hastings, Havelock NorthNapier in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. Our mission is to provide local property owners and investors with accurate rental value appraisals in order to maximise the returns from their property investments.

Using publicly available information and real-time market data, we provide independent assessments of what any given rental property should rent for if it were listed in the current rental market.

WhatsMyRent.co.nz is 100% free, quick and easy – it generally takes just 3 minutes to apply for an appraisal. Once you’ve submitted your request one of our staff will reply with 48 hours with your free appraisal. Or, if you’re looking to secure finance to satisfy your lender, we’ll likely need to visit yourself at the property, perhaps with a real estate agent.
Please note, WhatsMyRent.co.nz does not carry out property valuations or appraisals of their market value in order to sell. Our service is solely about ascertaining the true market value of properties for owners and investors to rent out.

Top reasons to use WhatsMyRent.co.nz

• WhatsMyRent.co.nz is 100% free, which means no fees and no hidden surprises.
• You’ll discover the true market value of your rental property so you can receive the best return on investment.
• Set your property’s rent accurately to attract the most appropriate tenants.
• WhatsMyRent.co.nz has a proven track record of providing accurate market rental costs.
• We offer accurate and timely info, data and research to keep you in the loop about the rental property market.
• Allows you to make informed decisions about the renting out of your property.
• Your confidential information will not be passed on to any another party.